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About Us

We don’t sleep much. The volume and sophistication of counterfeiting operations around the world continue to escalate dramatically, and as a result, we work nonstop to combat the threats posed to our governmental and commercial clients.

We are a team of tenacious, experienced professionals with the technical and market-based expertise needed to provide our clients with unparalleled protection from counterfeiters and diverters. We have internally developed a wide range of cutting edge technologies that customs officials, supply chain agents and banks can authenticate with certainty, and which counterfeiters are incapable of duplicating. We have built and refined complete systems enabling agencies and corporations to track and trace their products around the world, and we help brands ensure that their distribution chains are clean and thoroughly monitored. We help governments and corporations protect their reputations and we have the systems that even allow customers to assist in the authentication of goods. We locate and dismantle retail and wholesale Internet channels engaged in counterfeit commerce. And we monitor the pricing of online goods to eliminate diversion, and to help clients prosecute criminals and their syndicates.

We’re wide awake because we’re driven to remain several steps ahead of the bad guys. That’s our mission. We deliver such definitive protection that criminals know they had better pursue weaker prey somewhere else. We stand guard through the dark of night so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your brand is truly safe.